Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Some More Rocky :)

Hi Everyone!!! well I don't have any cards to show you today :( sorry! I didn't have enough time yesterday to make one but as soon as I finish posting this I am crafting today :)...This morning has already been a whirlwind both Rocky and Mica had to see the vet. I guess Rocky had a cold from the shelter and gave it to Mica, so both dogs are having a hard time breathing and poor Mica is coughing so much, it's worrisome because Mica is 15 and for her to get sick is frightening. Doc put them on antibiotics so hopefully that will help them both...Aren't these picts so cute :)...he's such a cutie! both Mica and Rocks sleep with us so it's been fun because he snores like a truck driver and with his nose being so stuffed he is even louder LOL! ....As soon as his bike/jogger stroller comes in I'll take pictures of him again LOL! yep not kidding hehe...well that's enough about the dogs because I want to make a card :)
so I will be back tomorrow :) have a great day
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!


  1. OMG!!! What a cutie, I want come over and play with him when he's feeling better!!! Where's his hoodie??? Thanks for posting photos, he's adorable!! Have a great night!!

  2. LOL love the pics, Thanks for sharing your new Addition!!!!!