Friday, July 30, 2010

Cute Girl! and Asking For A Favor

Hi Everyone!!! It feels good to say hi to you all again.... :) ...I do have a favor to ask, it's a financial favor. I would love it if you can click on this link and read the story of Bear..I want to adopt Bear and give him a home he should have received when he was born. I feel that we are loving, caring and overall good home for our animals..I want to give him the love he deserves...but the agency that is taking care of him need financial help..he's a mess but if you read his story you will know that even in as much pain that he has to be in, he just wants to love people...When we head to L.A this weekend we are being allowed to meet him and we are so excited..So I know it's a lot to ask but if you have even a dollar to spare please, please help by donating....Thank you all so much :) ...I will gladly send a thank you card to anyone that donates, so if you do please don't hesitate to tell me and remember that all donations are a tax right off...my email is painkillerinc@yahoo.com..again thank you..
OK on to the card this was the baby card I told you about last week that I made that I had mixed feelings about :) ...I used the sketch from Create4fun Challenge ...The DP is from Little Yellow Bicycle (Baby Safari) ..All the buttons are a mixture. ..I love the corner bling :) they're from Making Memories and the flowers are from Prima...I love this cute girl from The Greeting Farm Cuddle Anya Speaking of TGF..I am participating in there blog hop on Sunday so come back, I'm making it my mission to make a really wonderful card..no pressure right? LOL! I did cut out and pop dot Anya...I will be back tomorrow and thank you again for at least reading this story I wrote :) and I hope Bear touches your heart like he did ours...
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!

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  1. Oh it will be Bears lucky day the day you bring him home!!! You are the best mommy!! I gave a donation for him, I hope he gets his surgeries soon!! It breaks my heart no animal should suffer like that!! Your card is adorable I don't know why you worried about this one!! Take care!!