Monday, July 12, 2010

Good Thoughts For Mica Please :(

Hi Everyone! I'm sorry I'm not posting a card today..I had to take my baby Mica to the hospital this morning, she was not doing good this weekend...Doc called me and told me she has a severe infection and he's hooked her up to an IV and that her x-rays show she has fluid in her lungs, so he's going to fight it aggressively and he was going to keep her overnight..So I am so worried and scared that she won't make it but doc is saying that he feels strongly that he can save her, so PLEASE keep positive thoughts for my baby to make it..I don't want to lose two of my beloved dogs within two months of each other, how devastating ...I will be back tomorrow...

Thank You!! Come Again!!!


  1. OMG!!! I'm sending you a big hug with my positive thoughts!!! Mica will be ok!!!!
    Take care :o)

  2. OH MANDY!!!! So sorry to hear Mica is under the weather, but if she is anything like her mom, she will most definitly be OK!!!! Sending warm and positive thoughts her way!!!