Monday, June 29, 2015

Guest Blogger for Paper Issues Today!!! whoo hoo! :)

Hi Everyone!!!! if you are new to my blog and coming over for a visit from Paper Issues ..let me welcome you with wide open arms but at the same time let me give you fair warning...I can't write worth a darn LOL!!  so if you are someone that cringes when you read bad grammar you might need to just scroll over all the posts and just look at pictures of what I create :) .. I do make YouTube process videos for my Project Life weekly layouts. I have found that to be the most fun I have ever had. I chose to wait for this layout Week 19 for my guest spot because I wanted you to know that even though you may not have a busy week ..you can still have a fun week :) ..I like to take pictures of the food we eat and my adorable IMHO of the fur babies :) ..Late last year I also started documenting the books my husband and I read. It is super cool to see how many books we have read in a month's time.. I love that! I am also a heavy embellisher because HELLO darn scrapbooking companies come out with some pretty cool stuff.  Project Life has changed how I live this year. I started seeing a pattern last year in my weekly layouts..we never really go anywhere :( ..I live in Northern California and we have a ton of stuff around us, so I needed to get off my butt and do things. So this year we started too and I will tell you something, it has made mine and my husbands relationship even stronger. We love being together and exploring. It has been a wonderful adventure for both of us and I truly can't wait to do more with him and it is ALL because of Project Life...how cool is that!!!! I look forward to each and every day now :) .... I want to say to Paper Issues.. the best on-line scrapbooking company out there, thank you so much for letting me have a guest spot! I am truly grateful and can't thank you enough. This was super fun for me and I hope people will like what I made :) ..Please shop with PI and join there FB group also called Paper Issues :) ..what a bunch of fun ladies on the site who chit chat and are very friendly :) don't forget to use the code Facebook to get 20% off your total purchase, she ships international also :) ..If you are from the U.S. you get free shipping if you spend over $60.00..I love this company ..very very generous!  everything that I have used on this layout came from PI :)  Have an amazing week everyone!!! 
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!
P.S You can read more about me here :) (click on the highlighted link)
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Monday, June 15, 2015

Birthday Cake With Color :)

Hi Everyone!!! I came back pretty quick with a new one :) ..I like how this one turned out so this will be card #1 for my card class this month..I hope they like it :) have a great week :)
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Hi Everyone!!!!! Yes, I'm rusty..YIKES!! so please forgive me..now I need to get back into card making :) I have a ton of new goodies..so no excuses :) have a great week!!!
Thank You!!!!! Come Again!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Project Life Week 18 April 27 - May 3 :)

Hi Everyone!!! I will have a card this weekend because I am expecting all my new goodies to arrive today but the hubs and I are headed on another adventure so I won't be home to play sooner ..If you watch my videos please know that my camera angle is so out of whack but I will fix it for the next one :) ..have a super duper week!! 
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Project Life Week 17 April 20-26 :)

Hi Everyone!!! I missed creating my PL layouts!!! I'm uploading my process video for this one right now..I hope you watch :) ..Have an awesome week!!! I will be back with a card soon :)
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!!