Monday, October 20, 2014

Merry Christmas With Scallops :)

Hi Everyone!!!! I just received my Stampin Up order and I bought new stamps!!..O I hope my mojo comes back in force :) ..I will also upload a video tonight on my YouTube channel Tmcc4family or click the link on the side of my blog..I will be showing you the Seasonal Snapshot Project Life items you get and also the new Hello December PL you get in the new holiday supplement..so please visit me :) ..back to the card..so I made this card using the Mojo Monday sketch that I missed AGAIN! sheesh! I am lagging ..geez! but I had fun creating this so I hope you like it...all my posts are full of a gazillion (I's) double sheesh!!! O well! I'm pretty sure after 4 years of blogging that the grammar police don't read my blog but look at pictures only ..LOL! I don't blame anybody for that! teehee!!!! have a great day!!!!!! 
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Project Life Weekly Oct 6-12 :)

 Hi Everyone!!!! I just finished my PL for last week..I have so much fun with my weekly project :) ..I was accepted into a Design Team for PL ..I will probably be starting next month..I'm so darn excited about this!!! so please visit Inky Hot Mess..I think I will be introduced in a bit :) ..Sorry about my pictures being so full of glare..I will be fixing that pretty soon :) ..I also started a group on Facebook called Project Life November & December Daily..so please join and have fun with us on this fun filled ride some of us will be embarking on :) ..I have most of my stuff ready and I can't wait to start taking pictures :) ..of course I will share on here too...I think that is it for now..have a great weekend!!
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Re-Inker Fun :)

Hi Everyone!!!! I have been miserably sick! severe sinus infection..Ugh!!! I finally went into my craft room last night and this is what I created :) ...I dotted re-inkers onto a washable mat ..and moved Whisper White cardstock all over it and this marbled effect is what I got! so cool!! so fun!!! I wanted the focus to be on the paper so I only added a flower  :) simple but a ton of fun!!! so I think I'm back..I hope so..I don't want a relapse ..nope! :) anyways..have an awesome week :) 
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Project Life Weekly Sept 29th - Oct 5th

Hi Everyone!!!!! Here's my weekly..I just love PL so darn much!!! I can't get enough of this craft :) ..last week was pastel but not this week! nope, bright and more bright! :) love it!!! I hope you like it too :) ..see you with a card soon :) 
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Did Someone Say COFFEE!!??? :)

Hi Everyone!!!! I made a card before this one and it was a really  simple one..when I was done I wanted to make another card but I knew I wanted to use a PL card and LOOK I DID! :) ..Only the long arrow is from my "stash" ..I love how this came out! and can you tell I love COFFEE!! LOL!!...maybe all the arrows are the first clue?? or maybe all the hearts?? hmmmm ;) ;) ..LOL!! have a great weekend!!!!
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Project Life Weekly Sept 22-28 :)

Hi Everyone!!! Well I decided to change up my PL weekly..Truth be told I was kind of losing my mojo and drive with just using SU..I don't have customers so why was I limiting myself to just SU PL ..IDK :) I will use it when the color combo calls for it but in the meantime I bought lots of scrapbooking stuff and I LOVE ALL OF IT!! I felt so proud of myself making this layout .. I smiled big time :) ..I've said it before I live a boring life but I don't let it stop me..so I use a lot of the triplets pictures to fill my pages and I couldn't be happier...how can you not love those faces :) ..the sunset last week was so beautiful..I'm so glad that the pictures came out... :)..I hope you like it :) 
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Again, With A Wheely Sweet Friend :)

Hi Everyone!!!! I went to my moms house this morning for a garage sale! it's taking me forever to get rid of all of my old scrapbooking stuff but a little here and a little there, it's finally down to 5 boxes, instead of the 20 I started off with a little over a year ago :) ..anyways I'm back but I am exhausted! sheesh! going to bed at midnight and waking up at 5am heading to my moms at 6 and getting to her house at 7..it all added up to me wanting to crash..hello! stick a fork in me I'm done :) ..I'm no spring chicken and I feel it every single day LOL! ..I'm off to take a nap now ;) ..I hope you like the card..I love the embellishment, it came from one of the PL accessory kits :) ..have a great day!!!! tomorrow is FOOTBALL! love it!! :)
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Santa Coming Out Of The Chimney :)

Hi Everyone!!!! It's taken me so long to post this..sheesh! it's been a weird week. Well here's another Christmas card I did :) ..it's my take on Santa coming out of the chimney. I have been loving the Photopolymer stamp sets that I can honestly say I now kind of perfer them a little bit more :) ..I don't know what it is about them but I'm seriously digging them ..I hope you have a great rest of the week :) I hope to be back asap :)
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Gold and Silver :)

Hi Everyone!!!! I wanted to play with the Mojo Monday sketch that I saw last week but I haven't had time to sit down and play with it..well, until this morning :) I have been PLing and I am now hooked on Gold..I absolutely love it..IDK something about it hmm...I pulled out this PP and the colors just called out to me and said simple, fun, elegant..so this is what I came up with..I wish my Thank You was straight but I decided to just Let It Go ;) .....just tilt your head to the right a little and you can pretend with me that everything is perfect ;) ..I think that is it :) ..have an awesome weekend!!!!
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Thank you so much!!!!! ..Is It Christmas Yet?? ;)

Hi Everyone!!!! Judy B..WOW! you made my day!!! thank you so much for that sweet sweet comment!! ....Thank you for all the support ladies and all the awesome comments about my quilts..I had so much fun making them and I'm glad you liked them :) ..Thank you! thank you!!!!!!! Cyber (((((hugs))))................back to my cards now ;) ..I really didn't care for the top one, that is why I have two today ..This stamp set is called Get Your Santa On #135761 I have been really liking the photopolymer stamps..so clear and crisp :) .... I have my hand in so many pots right now that I'm running around with my head caught off LOL! I will tell you about a group I started on FB it is called Project Life November & December Daily, well we have so many new members now, that I just want to PL all day now! LOL! but I can't..if you want to check it out just click on the link :) ...
Thank You!!!!! Come Again!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

3 Quilts! Blog Hop :)

Hi Everyone!!!! welcome to my blog :) ..If you have never visited me before I am primarily a card maker and now a die hard Project Lifer ;) ..I love to quilt, quilting is so much fun but sometimes for me it takes a back burner to the other crafts I like to do..so I jumped at the chance to be a part of this hop..what an incentive to get into my sewing room. I have to tell you why my quilts aren't completely done..if this was YouTube I can only imagine how many thumbs down I would have gotten for this but let me explain..my Longarmer is also my friend and she moved this Summer to Texas!!! I live in CA..so I have to wait till she gets set up over there..then I can ship all my tops to her :) ..I was so bummed that she moved..she's really a great person and a great quilter. So I'm very sorry for just having tops completed. Once I get them back from her I will repost and show the final product :) ..OK, here's another thing..we have had such funky weather here. It has been HOT! and today of all days..it is windy to boot! so taking pictures kinda sucked, truth be told..I now have droopy shoulders because I feel like I failed at this hop but I made a commitment and I didn't want to flake..so please accept my apologies.... Let me try to explain my quilts...I'm sure you get the gist of the 1st quilt :) these are my favorite authors..I used the pattern from Moda it is called Read With Me  but I wanted my quilt to be unique to what my authors book covers look like. If you read Sherrilyn Kenyon..the Dark Hunter series book covers are very dark and intense :) ..Christine Feehan's Dark series covers started going that route too..Lora Leigh her Breed series has the same tone..This is why I chose to go with the colors I did..if you click on the links that are highlighted you will understand what I mean..I love this quilt and I can't wait till it is truly done and in my lap :).. The second quilt was so easy and fun to put together, it is called Show Off By Pressed For Time Quiltworks..I can't find the pattern anywhere to link it :( but I tried to Google it and found lots of porn..so be careful :( ..and the last quilt is by Amy Bradley..I adore ALL of her patterns :) :)  She makes Appliqueing so easy! I will be buying the Pirate pattern next :) The name of this pattern is Little Cowboy & Cowgirl and the pattern is on sale!! you will get the boy and girl..so you know what I will be doing next :) I can't wait to dress the boy :) My favorite designers are Riley Blake and Moda..I love everything they come out with..so the boy will be all decked out in Riley Blake too..I think that is it for me..I hope you like what I made :)..Please visit the other ladies on the hop..here's the list:
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!