Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Yay For COFFEE!!!!!

Hi Everyone!!!! I will tell you I may have screeched a little when I found out that Perfect Blend is in the new catalog! so I had to hug it for a little while then I started using it to create this bright card!!  I used the sketch from Sketch Saturday..I love how all the little things came together :) ..I did see after (of course) taking the picture that one of the ends was coming undone..all fixed now..so just imagine that it's all perfect in the picture :) ...I finished 1 video for next months class ..tomorrow I will be working on the other 3..so excited! :) have a great day!!!
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mono ;)

Hi Everyone!!!! I usually don't make cards like this but the layout popped into my head..so I went with it and I absolutely LOVE IT! I love it so much that this is card #4 for my class next month and their will be a video for it!!!..I would run over to my website asap!! because the DSP, both stamp sets and the ribbon!!! are on the retired list..and it's only while supplies last..YIKES!!!  I would appreciate it ;) ..
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Soho :)

Hi Everyone!!!! this is card #3 for next month's card class :) ..I love how the colors came together :) ..the ribbon, DSP, cardstock (Summer Starfruit) and the embossing folder that makes the wave will all be gone by June..so hurry up and get them! :) it's overcast and rainy today so I tried to take pictures on the fence ..I like it..The video for this card will be out soon :) have a great day!!
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hurry Up :)

Hi Everyone!!! I told you I made cards :) ..aren't the pictures nicer! ..love it!!!! I played with the Mojo Monday sketch :) ..I'm trying to use up most of my DSP because I bought 3 packs of it and once June 1st comes it's all retired! ..I am so looking forward to the premier of the new catalog on Mon :) ..sooooo fun!!!! time to start selling some quilts! mama needs new stamps ;) ...have a great Wed :) 
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Graduation Time :)

Hi Everyone!!!! this is card #2 for card class next month.. I will be making a video for it soon..we will be getting dirty again!!..it's the shaving cream technique! :) ..my house smells good when we do this LOL! In my area we have more red and white for school colors..this will work for them but you can choose the colors you need just fine :) I really hope they like it :) ..remember you can buy the kits from me too but I can't send the images..with FREE SHIPPING all this week with Stampin Up.. now is the time to get some of these sets I have shown you..they are so useful! love them! have a great day!!!
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Sketched Birthday Card :)

Hi Everyone!!!!! it feels great to be back with a card! I haven't been good with blogging lately but I do have a lot of cards done.. I just haven't posted them yet :) ..Can you see a little of the fence in the background..O I love it! my husband is amazing and did a beautiful job!!!! he worked night and day for 2 weeks getting it done just right...I'm so glad that is over with..now I can have him back full time...So we just got the Stampin Up retirement list and wow! A lot of the sets I own are on the chopping block..Crazy!!! .....I can't wait to see the new catalog though!!!!!! I hope you have a great Monday!!!
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Winner And A Big Ole Thank You!!!!

Hi Everyone!!!!! wow! I can't thank you enough for the sweet comments!!!! I'm glad I'm not the only coffee holic around LOL!!! and to the one lady I'm so happy you liked the pink background :) thank you everyone!!!!!! here's the winner of the Football pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew 
True Random Number Generator 2 Powered by RANDOM.ORG
Because I am not computer savvy ..it didn't show up that I put in the min of 1 and the max was 31...this is the number that came up :) 

 Now let me take a second and go figure out who that is:
LOL!!! another wow!!! it's:
I agree with Judy, you have superpowers with all that coffee in you I bet you quilt forever...your coffee and football quilt are amazing...
Please email me at painkillerinc@yahoo.com to collect your pattern :) 
Thank You!!!!! Come Again!!!!
P.S! ...thank you again for the AWESOME FABULOUS comments about my quilts ..hugs too you all and Happy Easter!!!! 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

What Is Your Superpower???

Hi Everyone!!!! I really loved participating in this hop! I actually have two super powers! My first super power is feeling like I can rule the world AFTER MY FIRST CUP OF COFFEE! and more specifically 7-11 coffee! I drink 8 cups in the morning and during the Fall Winter months I'll have another 8 cups at night..I adore my coffee! I embroidered my 7-11 logo :) ..in my house we have a coffee bar with a Keurig for my hubby on it....this will be on display above the bar :) ..I loved how it came out. This is my first panel quilt..Now my second quilt is completely and wholeheartedly MINE! this will be going with me when we travel in the car and when we fly..see my next superpower is enjoying LIFE..I love FOOTBALL! the Fall/Winter months are the best time for me. I love wearing my PJ's more often, making soups, reading a good book under the blankets, smelling the rain in the air, baking..etc etc..I just love it! I also incorporated my other love..Stampin Up :) ..the borders are all the fabrics that Stampin Up used to sell :) the backing is flannel ..and not only is it flannel it's my favorite sweet treats..hello! cupcakes, donuts, coffee, chocolate and one non sweet treat but an animal..and that would be Owls..I love them :) I did not embroider on this one, sorry! and I didn't have time to finish off the binding (My hubby is building me a fence and I have been watching) ;)...but to make up for it I will be giving away this FOOTBALL pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew to one lucky commenter..all you will need to do is come back on Sunday and I will choose the winner using the random generator :) I did post the link to her store in case you want to buy it for yourself :) ..I think this is the most I have written in a long time. I will be back with a card on Friday. More videos to come too! and hopefully I can improve on quality :) ..have a great time on this hop!
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!!
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Sunday, April 6, 2014

April 2014 Card 1

Elegance Meets Fringe :)

Hi Everyone!!!!!! this is the last card for my card class next week..so that means..their will be a video on it..so stay tuned!!!! I have been writing down ingredients like a mad woman and getting the kit together so you can see how it will come to your mailbox and how to put it together :) ..I used the sketch from Sketch Saturday :) have a great day!
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Flags On A Stick..Winner!!!

Hi Everyone!!!!!! the winner of the blog candy is #13!!!!! my random generator won't let me copy and paste..so let me pause for a minute and go count who it is:
OK..here it is 
Great flags...love the owls!
Please email me at painkillerinc@yahoo.com to collect your prize.. I have to thank EVERYONE! from the bottom of my heart for all the sweet comments you left yesterday!!! I truly appreciate it! If I could give everyone a hug I would!!! so I will settle for some Cyber ((((((hugs))))) THANK YOU!!!!!!!
I was supposed to pick the winner yesterday but I did not account for the fact that I went and got a foot tattoo after seeing the first showing of Captain America! (Loved it BTW)!  and when I got home I was in so much pain that I kind of went to bed! it's that bad..I don't recommend it LOL!!!!
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!
P.S I should have a card for you tomorrow :) 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Flags On A Stick BLOG HOP!!!!!

Hi Everyone!!!!! welcome to my blog!!!!!!! I'm a Stampin Up demo but my other hobby is quilting!!!! both crafts are very addicting! and really bring joy to my life :) ..I made 3 flags because I could not just choose one :) ..the Owl flag is actually a tattoo that I have on my shoulder..the little owl is me on my moms head LOL! ..colors and all :) ...so I do have some blog candy for one lucky commenter and I will pick that person via random generator..you will need to come back and see if you won, that is my only catch :) ..winner will be picked on Friday :) ..good luck! I hope you look around my blog and see something that you like :) have a great day and of course have fun on this hop :) 
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!
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