Sunday, January 24, 2010

So Much To Show You!!

Hi Everyone!!! OMGOSH!!! I had so much fun! but holy cow I'm tired! Tim and I walked for 5 1/2 hrs! and I was so tired by the time we were done... and ya know what? I'm still so tired, so I'm probably going to go to bed here pretty soon.....But I wanted to show you what I bought and tell you a quick story...All the stuff that's on the couch is what I bought at CHA and the cutters are what I have used so much, that they no longer work :( ...well through the SCS forum I heard that Genesis was going to be there at CHA and No not the group the high end paper cutter..LOL! well this paper cutter is supposed to be the best of the best..well let me say it better be for $390.00 and that was the show special..well Tim being the very supportive hubby he is, tells me to buy it if I like it or if I just want it. The lady was demoing the cutter and she let me use it and yep thank goodness I didn't like it LOL! it was the weirdest thing ever! it was really quite weird ..you need to check it out on the website to see what I mean...the cutter itself swings back and forth and the paper holder thingie was metal and it was so funky to place it on your paper...so yay now I have extra money to spend on stamps LOL! BUT purple cow sold me on there paper cutter and it was a show special of $50.00 and they have great customer service so I know if anything goes bad on it they will take care of me..so I'll let you know how it works..
And for Christmas my friend Diana gave me my first starter kit for my ribbon..the company is called The Ribbon Ring and they were also at CHA. they also had a show special so I bought so many of these plastic holders, Ill show you when I get it all organized that's why I posted a picture of my ribbon bin..so remember that mess for the future LOL! So again CHA was a load of fun and I didn't spend to much money but just enough and can you tell from the pictures I went crazy for FLOWERS! I couldn't help myself they were all so beautiful!... OK I'm tired..off to bed for me :) I'll be back tomorrow and everyday this week with a new The Greeting Farm card because this week is the relay week and I want my images LOL! so go grab your freebie image today!....and one more thing ...Thank you Laurel for letting me know about me being featured on Sassy Studio Designs Saturday...this is my second time being featured and it's an awesome compliment so thank you EVERYONE!!!! especially for the CONGRATS! have a good night...
Thank You!! Come Again!!!


  1. OMG!!! I'm going over to your house to play!!!!! So glad you made it home safely. Boy! girl you went crazy shopping didn't you. Tim's going to have to work some overtime lol. OH man what a cool hubbie you have, going with you and letting you buy all you wanted. I have to hide my stuff in the trunk for a while lol. Hey I think you are going to love your "Purple cow cutter" I got mine at a scrapbook yardsale for $25, I soo lucked out and I love it!!!

  2. Holy moly, what a stash, I wana come play too!!! I'm glad you had a great time!! Your hubby is so sweet to go with you, mine went to a cku with me back in 2006, it makes such special memories when they do these little things for us!! I'm really glad you liked the ribbon rings, I was hoping that system would work for you, I want to see pictures of orginized ribbon when you're done!! Get some rest, you have alot of playing to do. :o)

  3. WOW girl you really stocked up!
    That is so fantastic.
    Did you get a chance to go by The Greeting Farm?
    Did you see any of my handy work?
    Oh to have been there!
    Glad you had a fantastic time.

  4. You lucky girl! I wish I could go to CHA. Looks like you have a fab time and got LOTS of yummy goodies. TFS and making jealous...lol.