Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spring Fairie

Hi Everyone!!! I told you three weeks ago that Sam and Stephanie are an item..wasn't it so cute and boy o boy he looks hot!
Yesterday was a milestone for us..kinda bittersweet but awesome all at the same time...Chiy is driving on her own! whoo hoo! time flies that's for sure..That means I don't have to give rides at all hours of the night..she has dances at the high school till midnight at least once a month it seems , that means I don't have to drag Cordell at midnight to wait in a long line of cars waiting to pick up their children..whoo hoo! this is so exciting! LOL! and we had a very awesome dinner last night, a dinner we will never forget ;) ...I made Hoisin Chicken with Couscous and cauliflower mashed (they looked like mashed potatoes on the plate) we all looked at each other when we took are first bite..yep Pretty freaking gross! but I was trying to put on a brave face and I'm like mmmm it's good..(NOT!)..Tim and I ate all of ours but Cordell was still trying to convince himself it was good...He ended up saying something so I took his mashed goo that was still on the spoon and I was threatening him with throwing it at him.. he says you won't do it because I will throw some back ....sooooo! I flicked it right in his face! we were laughing so hard but he was brave he got a spoon full and threw some back ..Tim and Chiy were laughing so hard (this isn't the norm for me) they were shocked ..I got another spoon full and threw some in Tim's face then Chiy's....it was a full blown food fight! we laughed so hard!!!!! the kitchen was a mess! LOL! you can imagine right, mashed cauliflower, and couscous everywhere....OMGosh! we had a blast but it took us a half hour to get it all cleaned up we did have our 3 dogs help hoover it to help speed it along LOL! holy smokes what a story huh! :) :) :)
OK to the card..this is my sketch because every so often I have to remember that I can do my own...The DP is also paper that I have had in my "stash" forever..it's from DCWV (The Stack 3)...The image is from High Hopes (Lily Spring Fairie)...I did put stickles on her wings..the flower is from Prima....I also used something that I have had for over a year now and just haven't used it and that would be Flower Soft :)..It was fun and it matches perfectly ...I used photo corners that I have also had forever :) so ribbon and photo corners are from my "stash".....I hope you all have a fantastic day :)
Thank You!! Come Again!!!


  1. Cute card! And awesome food fight story!:D


  2. Totally looks like she is flying!!! Love the story (lol), you guys are funny!!!

  3. Lily is adorable!! That flower soft looks so cool, I just might have to try some out!! I love your sketch and the colors you used!! Good family memories are priceless, thanks for sharing yours!!! Have a great day!!

  4. 我們唯一需要恐懼的事,是恐懼本身........................................