Friday, August 10, 2012

Silly Dog :)

Hi Everyone!!! It's been crazy around here! My baby had his Freshmen orientation today and came home so EXCITED! whewwww!!!! Since we are slackers, we are going to pay tomorrow, yep school shopping two days before school starts..It's going to be so much fun (can you feel the sarcasm) (O wish me luck) ..let's see we need 2 backpacks, shoes, pants and shirts..so not a couple of things but a whole wardrobe..did I tell you guys that I have a really bad temper? yep I do and I'm so silly for doing this to myself but I know you will be helping me by having a quick laugh and say under your breath GOOD LUCK ...right? O I hope so..Banging my head on keyboard...I have been doing deep breath exercises all day today, so that's why I am so late in posting..My Hulk watch says I have gone 30 days without an incident, please let me keep that streak up :) ...OK I feel my heart rate going up so I will sign off with I hope to see ya all tomorrow :) :) ..Rocks just loves Dad :) ..Tim's shirt is faded but clean LOL! and yes, that would be dog drool on the couch :)..
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!

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  1. Cute dog...and hubby! I just found you over at scs.com. Love your blog. I am browsing it now and became a follower.
    I just created a new blog only have 4 or 5 posts, but hope you will stop over and check it out, maybe even follow...www.kristinscraftcorner.blogspot.com.