Monday, August 27, 2012

My Baby Is Now 14! and A Toilet Paper Holder

Hi Everyone!!!!! I am so SORRY!!! I ditched my blog! but this week is all mine yay! so you bet you will see me everyday! I was gone because on Friday I started baking for my son's dessert bar birthday party, well after 16 1/2 hours of baking both Friday and Saturday I am done.. I am so junked food out blah! LOL! but now my baby is officially 14 and he had a great time...Now this morning as I was changing the toilet paper roll I had an idea! now we all know about the sour cream containers that were all the rage a year ago. After touching the roll I was wondering if a gift card would fit into it and WA LA it does! now you can't decorate the roll till it is sealed, so that's why you have a plain picture of the inside of the roll with the gift card secured. It's a simple little gift card holder but kinda a trash to treasure feeling to it and it's heavy duty ..I did crimp the ends, just because I like that tool :) ..I also figured out the bow via Pinterest..everything is SU but the ribbon...I hope you try it out. I'm sure someone else has created this but hey it was my idea this morning :) ...Since I missed my Friday Funny here's a cutey patooty picture of my Love Bug :) have an awesome day!!!
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!
P.S. The picture on the bottom looks like there's a wrinkle on the top left hand side but it's just a shadow. It has no bends or wrinkles :)

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