Thursday, August 23, 2012

Another Simple Card

Hi Everyone!!! I was making this card while watching The Brady Bunch (I love that show) :) and while I was sewing I turned my head to see what Jan was saying well hello I need to stop sewing if I do that Duh Homer! so ignore my shoddy lines...I decided to use my Hodgepodge Hardware and can I tell you I have treated these tins and there contents with a hoarders mentality..see if I use them then I won't have them anymore...right!? well I took a deep breath and opened it reached in and grabbed the metal really fast. I adhered everything down and went hmm that wasn't so bad but I'm sure it will be awhile before I reach for them again, hey 5 years of having these beautiful embellishments means something, so I don't take using them lightly...everything is SU..I like the mellowness of this card :) have an awesome day!!! I can't believe it's Thursday! second week of school is almost over WOW!
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!!
P.S Jennifer I did my tattoo in 2 sessions 1 1/2 hours each one, he's fast! :)

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