Friday, October 7, 2011

Who's This!? heheheh shhhhhh!!!!

Hi Everyone!!!!..I thought since I've been throwing in a lot of Rocks I'd give you a break...and show a picture of Tim and Chiy for my Friday Funny :) ..Hi Honey!!! Love Ya!!!! hehehe...My mom made these costumes years and years ago..I think Chiy was 4 or 5, she's almost 19 :) ..Tim used to dress up every year when she was small. This and one more picture are all that I took, which is a big time bummer! Because there was one time that he was a bunny rabbit and yep... Priceless :) ...This is my mom's old house :) she had a cow faze..hehe...Have a awesome weekend for some of you a 3 day :) ..
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!
P.S Timothy I only have so many readers so no worries this will end up on Pinterest
;) ..I love you truly deeply my wonderful husband Pin It


  1. Totally priceless picture, thanks for sharing it with us!!! You are one lucky lady to have such an amazing family!!!!



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