Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fun Time :)

Hi Everyone!!!! See I told ya I'd be late :) ..I had a blast at my mom's!!!!!! The top quilt is the one I did..it's not done I need one more border, there's a couple of new quilt shops that opened in my mom's town but their not up to snuff yet. So I couldn't finish it today :( so bummed but I get to go shopping again on Tuesday! whoo hoo! when it gets done and quilted I'll show it to you again!!! The second picture isn't the greatest but this is the quilt my mom did, she loves to applique..Umm ya it's time consuming and tedious, she loves it and she's great at it!!!! aren't the witches fantastic!? they have real eyelashes on them :) ..I should have taken a close up of them..darn it! I'm having so much fun quilting but I will be getting back to cards..my nieces birthdays are this week, so I need two original cards for them :) ..I better get busy! ...Have a great night!!!
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!!


  1. OH my! you guys did an awesome job, Your moms applique work is A W E S O M E!!!

  2. Wow, both quilts are fantastic!!!! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!! Have a nice night!!