Friday, October 21, 2011

A Prince Of A Dog And His Remote ;)

Hi Everyone!!!! I hit ya with a lot of pictures LOL! I couldn't resist..we were watching a movie and Rocks decided to lay on dad's pillow and hog the remote while he was at it :) ..If you touched the remote he would pop open an eye and stare you down LOL! ...Can you tell I'm still trying to figure out my phone..all of them were taken at the same time but one looks like it's daylight :) ...So is anyone else a fan of The Big Valley? I love that show even when I was younger, well between the hours of 12 and 2 they play two episodes, can I tell you I'm in heaven! yay! so I sew and watch it and smile because yep I'm getting old LOL! ...I also LOVE The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman! O Swoon when it finally comes out on DVD :) ..I will be back tomorrow to show you a card and my newest quilt top I have done :) I love it :) ..I have to tell you a quick story about my friend Agustina :) ..her birthday was yesterday (Happy Birthday!!!!) well Agustina is my OBGYN's nurse, so she's seen everything about me LOL!!! I have known her for years, when I started having card class she was first on board to come over, so she's a fun friend...anyways I see Agustina once a year in a professional manner, it wasn't till last year that she finally told me something about my Pee, see every year for the last 12 years I have gone and given a urine sample before my exam and I finally saw her throw it away and I'm like you didn't have to do anything with it? she's like no, it's only if your pregnant...UMMM WHAT!!!!! I have been peeing in this small cup all these years and you never said anything!? she's like no, it's not a big deal. I see it I dump it..(me) OMG!!!!! I have been doing this for nothing!? OMG!!! Agustina!!!!! sheesh!!!!! can you see I have been laughing about it ever since! it was only supposed to last 8 months and I have been donating it for YEARS!!!!! ..What a friend she is :) I hope you all have at least one friend like her :) .....
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!!!

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  1. ahahahaha OMG Mandy I can't believe you posted that!! hahaha Now I want to go pee!!! LOL Thanks for the birthday wishes, I've had a hectic week and I feel my age!! Just wanted to tell you again to keep up the good work and I want to start sewing again!!! I just don't have the same patience that you have! You inspire me and I'm gteatful for having a friend like you! Keep up the good work CUZ YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!