Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lots Of Pictures ..Rocks, Card Class & Journal

Hi Everyone!!!! Sorry I was tired yesterday so I didn't get to post but here's card class cards and I woke up this morning and was able to take a class with the nicest woman (Sheila) she taught me how to make this journal holder (I love it) ...and of course I was bummed, no Friday Funny but here he is today :) ..I have a Pilate's machine from QVC and Rocks loves to sit on it when I'm in the garage :) He's like hurry up and take your picture and let's go to bed hehehe.. I had another fabulous turnout for class but now I'm off to drink with the hubby and he's bar-be-cuing! O yumm!!!! and for Dessert Captain America and Carmel Apples from De Brito's (SCORE)!!!!! Have an awesome weekend I'll see ya tomorrow
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!!!


  1. I'm back!! I love all you've been doing since I've been gone!!! I'm sorry I missed class, the cards look fabulous!!! Bethany is doing well and getting use to her crutches!! Have a great day!

  2. Had fun at class!! I love Rocks' look lol!!! It looks like he's saying "Are you kidding me? You want me to do what on this machine hahaha!