Monday, October 3, 2011

Halloween and a Bedtime Story ;)

Hi Everyone!!!! I made this card this morning..Yay! So yesterday I was with my mom quilting and she asked me to pick up her fair stuff last night. I said sure ...she did NOT tell me that she entered all kinds of stuff! I was by myself by the way.... SO I had to carry a butt load of her stuff! I'm not sure if my mom knows that I'm super fat and carrying armfuls of fabric, crochet blankets and a tote equals EXERCISE! and ya I'm fat so that means I unintentionally was FORCED to use my legs, back, arms and I'll tell ya my heart was beating HARD! I had sweat on my upper lip (gross) sweat on my back and once I sat down I was breathing smoke because did I tell ya that I had to park about a half a mile away from the pavilion!!!! holy crap! THANKS MOM!!! (said with deep love and loud sarcasm)!!! ... If I hadn't already ate my months quota of food at her house I would have added points to my journal!!! So moral of the story ask before pick up! and show your mom that your stomach really protrudes and your arms are equal to T Rex's ...... I can't put stuff under my chin because there's another chin there keeping it company! sheesh!!! :) :) :) OK OK card time...DSP SU (Frightful Sight) #122351 ..image is House Of Haunts #111574..the ribbon, bat, cat and pearls are all from my "stash" ...Have a awesome night!!! O and this is a sketch from Sunday Sketch & Stamp
thank You!!! Come again!!!!


  1. Cool looking card!! I love Halloween!!! :) LOL thanks for the bedtime story too funny, by the way did she place?

  2. You tell such funny stories, LOL!!!! But what I really want to know is did she win anything??? If she did than you should get half for all the hard labor, LOL!!!
    I love this card, I want to make one like it, hint, hint!!! Have a great night!!
    P.S. thanks for the special delievery this morning :o)