Monday, October 31, 2011

Blast From The Past! Happy Halloween!!!!!

Hi Everyone!!! Sorry about yesterday..FOOTBALL HAPPENED :) ....I will be making cards for the whole week, starting tomorrow :) ...So it has finally happened my child has decided he's done with trick or treating and we couldn't have been happier :) ...I had to show a picture of my family from 1997 before Cordell was born and before my nieces were born, we used to always trick or treat with my BIL and SisIL :) Those were the best days :) ....the second photo is Cordell and Chiy...Cordell was two months old and Chiy was 6.....O how time has flown!!!! I hope you all have a FANTASTIC night and be safe!!!! Happy Halloween!!!! See you tomorrow
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!!

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