Friday, September 16, 2011

My Hot Dog ....Rocks ;)

Hi Everyone!!!! Well today is card class and my morning crew just left and can I say I like these women..they make me laugh and I can be myself around them, so it's even more fun for me ;) ..tonight's class will have some newbies so I have to be on my best behavior LOL! I'm looking forward to it :) ..I will be back on Sunday with a card..tomorrow I get to shop with my mom and hopefully I get to quilt :) I'll show you when I'm done Yay! So I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! OK so I saw this hot dog costume and immediately had to buy it for my Rocks..isn't he the cutest LOL!
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!

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  1. Wow Rocks has quite the wardrobe for Halloween your gonna have to change them on the hour so he has the chance to wear them all, LOL!!! Yes class was really fun today, thanks for all the fantastic cards, I love them!!! And don't forget to share the receipe for that yummmy cake!!! Have a great class tonight!!