Friday, September 23, 2011

Just A Cutey! :)

Hi Everyone!!!! ..I've been obsessed with quilting right now and I made an appt to get my Top quilted but it's not finished so I made an appt to make sure I get it done and now I'm panicking it needs to be done by Tuesday and this is a massive quilt! LOL!!! I can't wait to show you..My mom is proud of me since this is my first quilt that I am doing on my own (nobody looking over my shoulder) It's nerve racking :) so I'm sorry I get consumed by crafting LOL! and we were invited to a get together tomorrow so I get to bake yay! and Sunday is our 5K run!!!! whoo hoo!!! so lots of things happening that we are looking forward to..OK to be honest I'm looking forward to getting junk food AFTER the run!!!!! It's been two weeks since we started WW and I have lost 10 pounds (so when I walk I only have two chins that gobble) ;) ...that's my reward for being so good and for actually signing us up and doing it :) ..OK OK it's an excuse to have junk food (yes, I'm weak..yes, San Fran has some awesome desserts and we don't get to go there often) I know I know!!! excuses!!! (I'm rambling hehehe) ANYWAYS...Isn't Rocks darling!? Love him :) ...have a great weekend!
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!


  1. Good luck with your quilt..... what an undertaking. Hope it's all done on time for you so the pressure is off. Also good luck with your weight watchers you're doing so good! Speaking of no pressure Rocs looks like he's on Ativan.........what a cutey! Love it.

  2. Rocks is way too cute!!! Good luck on the run and enjoy you reward!!!