Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cheese and Crackers + 1 more blog candy

Hi Everyone!!! OK one more quilt..well maybe one more if I don't get around to making a card :) ..We as a family started WW again and can I say..I really got used to my 3 chins that today I'm chomping at the bit..sheesh! I'm sure by now you know how much of a junk food addict I am, right!? Hence 3 chins..3rd chin deep fried food 2ND chin baked goods 1st chin Pizza! Sushi!! Hamburgers!! Biscuits!! O boy!!! I'm going to miss buffets!!! but as my chins disappear I'm sure my cleavage will be in ecstasy when it becomes my catch all again! So don't mind my chatter it's sugar withdrawals..Boo Hoo Hoo!! I'm strong! No I'm not! I'm strong! No I'm not!! .. OK YES I AM! OK get off the food topic (banging head on counter)..the winner of the last blog candy was Diana..Today's the last blog candy I have but I promise to have more soon..To win this Maggie Bunny all you have to do is leave a comment :)
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!!


  1. Yey!!! Congrats Diana! LOL thanks Mandy for the picker upper lol! I just love how you wright your familiy happenings. Love the quilt pattern and colors AWESOME!!

  2. Mandy you are so funny and yes you are strong and you will make it!!! I love the colors of this quilt, great job!! Another great stamp, Wooo hooo!! Thanks so much!!