Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My 1st Quilt On My Own :)

Hi Everyone!!!!! Well I did it!!! I made my first quilt all on my own! I'm so proud of myself and yep I'm lucky I made that appt because that totally made me finish it, in fact I finished it a half hour before my appt! Wheww! What do you think? I love it and it makes me smile..Madagascar Penguins and Ice Cream what wouldn't make you smile about it :) ...I did make quite a bit of mistakes but hey I'm learning :) I will show you the final product when I get it back from the quilter, she's probably going to quilt the penguins on it :)..I hope to make a card tonight so come back tomorrow :)...Thank you everyone for sticking with me :) ..I will tell ya though I'm pretty addicted now, so I'm going to go pick more fabric out so that I can make another one :) have a awesome Tuesday, BL is on tonight
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!
P.S thank you Penny for those encouraging words :) ...


  1. WOW!! Congrats YES you should be proud of yourself, many of us are proud of you!! Awesome Job Mandy!

  2. Very nice, Mandy. See we knew you could do. I love the fabrics and loved them when you picked them out.

  3. wow!!! you did great and i look forward to seeing more!!