Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Love Ikea :)

Hi Everyone!!!! Well my oldest moved out almost two weeks ago, so I inherited a new sewing room..Yay!!! I have a AWESOME husband, he made my room happen..We went to Ikea on Saturday and found these awesome tables..one cutting table and one sewing (glass) table which I absolutely love!!! ..I went to a baby shower on Sunday and came home to the room painted the tables set up and ready to use..did I mention how AWESOME he is!!!! ..what a great surprise :) ...It's so clean and functional..I can't wait to sit down and sew! I'm shopping with my mom on Saturday so let's see what other fabric I can find :) ...I LOVE YOU TIMOTHY!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!!! I SO APPRECIATE EVERYTHING YOU DO FOR ME!!!! :)
I made this rag quilt and a pillowcase for my friend's baby shower and LOL! I gave her the wrong quilt O boy!!! I showed her a picture of this quilt which was hers but she liked the one I gave her (the froggy one) so LOL! I'm a dork..so this one will be for sale in my Etsy store :) ..I'm almost back to making cards..now you can see why I haven't been making cards, between Chiy moving out, we put new carpet in Cordell's room plus painted it..then I was making the rag quilt and pillowcase for my friend..plus making one to sell and getting my sewing room ready..AND there's 5 huge lawn/trash size bags out on the curb waiting for Hope to pick up..so major changes at my house :) ..thank you for sticking with me :) ...Have a great day!! and yay THOR is on DVD today..Yummmm! :)
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!


  1. What! Chiy moved out already? No way! Hey well I'm glad your doing OK and you HAVE ANOTHER SEWING/CRAFT room! your room looks awesome and your rag quilts look awesome too!! C U Friday!

  2. Mandy you room is so nice, I can't wait for the tour on Friday!! Take care!!