Friday, September 9, 2011

Falling In......

Hi Everyone!!! OK the winner of yesterday's candy (candy, whimper)...is Agustina!!! ..Well this morning I went for a run AND I FELL!!! I think my friend Laura pushed me but I have no proof..hehehe just seeing if she reads my blog..LOL!!! I tripped on the sidewalk and if I wasn't wearing a super tight sport bra..I'm positive my cantaloupe boobs would have cushioned my fall and all I would have had to do was the "superman" move but because I can't run unless I make two boobs into one boob (ya it's a sight, it's like a big goiter on my chest but have you seen any sport bra that doesn't do that? sheesh! :) that didn't happen so now I have scraped knees and sprained wrists..but hey we finished the run :) .....Have a great Friday!!!
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!
The picture of Rocks is of him sleeping on my hand but waking up when I took the picture :)


  1. OMG Mandy!! You sound like me, I can't do anything because I'll either trip, bump myself into stuff or hit my head!! I think it's a big boob think LOL!!!! I saw you running this am on westside blvd, had you already fallen? OH and YEY!!!! I won, I won!!! Thanks so much!! Carefull while runnig!

  2. Oh Mandy don't feel to bad the sidewalk gets me everytime too!!! LOL!! I guess now you know running is hazardous to your health, hehehe!! CONGRATS Agustina on winning that cute stamp, yay!!!
    Take care!!