Saturday, August 29, 2009

This is what an explosion looks like in my room..

OK so I have to show you my craft desk.....I'm sure I'm not the only one. I find it funny though that this is what it looks like after making today's blog post card and tomorrow's card. ALL my cards take a few hours to make. Making cards doesn't come easy to me and I really have to try. That's why when I discovered that I can do sketches after being so scared of them for so many years and looking at them with a glazed look in my eye. That's actually what I like to do! It is challenging but so much fun and I can't get enough of them. LOL! (shh because I know you couldn't tell hehe.. anyways sheesh got off track... I had to be brave and show you what my desk looks like when I'm done..I have to do a cleaning spree when I get done with this post and tomorrow I'll show you what I start off with..LOL! my hubby Tim when he's home he sits with me in my office and plays on the computer and talks to me while I craft and he usually doesn't care that it takes me hours to finish one..LOL! but when I'm done making a card he tells me I did a great job and looks at my desk smiles and snickers...is that true love or what..LOL!!! so anyways I'm done writing my novel and I hope you can relate....have a good night..


  1. Looks perfectly normal to me...at least this is what mine looks like after a creative session too!

  2. Gee. That looks just like my room. lol.

  3. Isn't that what it's supposed to look like? :o)

  4. Yeah!!! I'm pretty sure that IS what it's suppose to look like! But you know what? I bet you know were everything is at right?!!!