Monday, August 3, 2009

My Friend.....RIP :(

Hi Everyone! I don't have a picture for you today but I will tomorrow. I wanted to change my blog background and I came across this one and I will tell you it means so much to me because I had a good friend die on July 12Th from cancer. She was the nicest lady you could ever meet, I know people will say that when someone dies but quite honestly she was a genuine nice lady. Her name was Sally Carpenter and she was only 53, she taught kindergarten for many years and she was a great teacher. She was a teacher to both of my children and a friend to my mom and me. We scrapbooked and quilted together for many years. She was a trooper till the end and she will be forever missed....Chiyanne (my daughter) and my mom walked in her name at Relay For Life and I'm so proud of both of them! Chiy walked 10 miles and my mom walked 2 miles..Next year I will walk too....
I will leave this blog background up all week in honor of Sally...so please give your loved ones hugs and kisses and tell them how much you love them...So good night everyone..till tomorrow..Thank you

The picture: Sally is on the right and my mom is in the middle...
R.O Hardin Halloween parade..


  1. I am so sorry to hear of you friend passing. We lost my mother in law about 5 years ago to cancer, my uncle last year.......There is just no one who hasn't been touched by it. It is just a horrible horrible disease. My prayers are certainly with your family. Kudos to your daughter and mom for doing the relay! WAY TO GO!

  2. Sorry about your friend Mandy, Hope to se you next year @ Relay 4 Life!! DH father is a survivor and our family participate in RFL, maybe next year we see you there as well.

  3. Hi Mandy, big hugs on losing your friend. This is something that I have to deal with in my family unfortunatly. I'm so glad to hear that your mom and daughter were able to walk...it's a good thing.

  4. So sorry to hear about your friend... it´s very sad. I lost my mother and my uncle due to the same. Hugs :)

  5. So sad. We recently lost my 31-year old niece to cervical cancer. You'd think in these days and times that they could find a cure or vaccine for it!

    Here's praying that your friend has found peace and comfort.