Friday, July 1, 2011

Attitude :)

I couldn't leave ya without a Friday Funny :) ...It's been crazy busy again around here but I have cards to show ya..hopefully tomorrow..
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!
P.S. My poor Rocks has a cold and no docs are available ...He sounds like he has fluid in his lungs, I'm so scared....so please keep him in your thoughts that he will be OK...I can't lose another precious baby....I just can't...


  1. Oh NO!! Poor Rocks, I hope he gets better soon and he'll be in my prayers!!!

  2. Sorry I've been MIA lately, life has been crazy and no computer time!!! I love the cards in the previous posts and all the funny pics of Rocks, I know he'll feel better soon, it just can't be anything serious you've had enough of that!!!! Take care!!

  3. I've just become a follower of your wonderful blog via Stampin Connection. I sure hope your pooch gets better!