Monday, July 18, 2011

Butterflies Take Me Away

Hi Everyone!!! I had such a blast with my hubby this whole weekend, all we did was watch movies in bed and eat..We will be away from each other for 4 days and that really bums us out but he will be having a good time with his brothers and his son..My boys are headed to Comic-Con in San Diego, it's the first time Cordell will be going, it's a Schneider BOYS only trip but he will be 13 next month so now he is old enough (4 days of pure walking and standing!) Luckily he's not a whiner ..I hate whinny kids blah! but my kids don't whine because I never tolerated that LOL!!! AND Chiy and I will in Las Vegas! Whoo hoo!!! We will be watching the Thunder Down Under LOL!!!! So I will try to have cards for a pre post but no promises :) ..I do have a card for tomorrow..I started off with this sketch from a fellow DT from Sunday Sketch & Stamp ..Come play, it's a nice simple sketch..I wanted to keep the thank you cards simple because I know that most of them will be thrown away..Everything is from SU except the ribbon..The butterflies are #118138 Beautiful Wings.. I hope you have a great day!!! :)
O! and I had to take Rocks for his follow up and OMG! he put the brakes on, so I had to take a picture..So we are at #20 doctor visits in 1 year!!! Sheesh! and on August 10th he will be getting his teeth cleaned and a tooth extracted O boy!!! Double sheesh!!
See Ya Tomorrow ;)
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!


  1. Great card!!! I love the colors they make me happy!! Poor Rocks he has had enough!! Take care and have fun in Vegas baby!!!

  2. Great card Mandy, you and Chiy have fun in Vegas!! LOL Rocks is just to darn funny!!