Friday, July 22, 2011

I Love Rocks :)

Hi Everyone!!! My Friday Funny! Did ya know Rocks likes to sleep A LOT ..No I don't think I've ever said that on here..LOL!!! He's pretty funny because he snores like a truck driver but when I'm near him he opens his eyes and he will continue to snore while watching to see what I'm doing, his snore sound never changes :).. .The second picture is how he actually lays down, sorry for the cruddy picture but it was kinda dark and he was sleeping (no really) and I wanted to catch him in his sleeping wonder but I was to late, the chair squeaked when I moved LOL! He's so darn cute! :) Have a great Friday :)
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!


  1. Gotta love Rocks, he's adorable!! Hope your having a great time in Vegas!!

  2. Gotta love Rocks!! Yep, he does snore like I truck driver (not that I would know how they snore, lol) but he is the most adorable dog I've met! I hope you and Chiy had tons of fun in Vegas!