Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stupid Thyroid...No Card

Hi Everyone!! Thank you for the sweet comments! Well I ended up getting sick again, my stupid Thyroid is giving me problems..so I went to the doctors today and yep more blood tests tomorrow..My neck now has two balls inside instead of one..Grr!! So I have been exhausted..I couldn't even get out of bed a couple of days ago..It's so depressing..She did put me on some new medication (I hope it works)...So needless to say, no crafting but tonight I will be, so please come back tomorrow :) I will have a card..I have lots of Thank You cards to make..Thank you again for sticking with me..See ya tomorrow :)
Thank You!! Come Again!!!
P.S..I will have blog candy soon :)


  1. Sorry to hear you aren't doing so well and you have another lump :(. I texted you times to start up walking/running again so hope to see you tomorrow at 4:30 at Vet's.

  2. Feel better soon and don't forget your meds!!!!

  3. I hope these new meds are working for you!! And yes!! I'm with Diana, make sure you take your meds!!