Sunday, July 10, 2011

Because Nice Matters :)

Hi Everyone!!! Isn't Tim's cake fantastic!! Love it! Worth every penny..My cake lady has so much talent sheesh! ..I made this card last night. Tim has a radio guy that he likes, so I invited him and his wife to Tim's party, well I have never met either of these people but when they showed up she brought a crock pot of dip with a side of chips..isn't that the nicest thing ever!? I use that sentiment a lot on my cards (Because Nice Matters) well that was nicest thing that she did...With this card I had mixed reviews from Tim and Chiy..Tim says it's kinda Funeral-ish..(not a word I know) and Chiy and I looked at it and felt it was Elegant but Chiy did say she can see what he's talking about but to just go with it..What do you think?? would you love it or think it's to dark and funeral-ish LOL! ..Everything is from SU .. Now I barely found out that I'm on probation with my Demo status..I was so bummed (I wasn't aware) (if I had a good up-line they would have told me) Grr! So if anyone needs anything I sure would appreciate it if you buy from my Website..the link is on the top right hand corner of my blog..If I can't get it back I won't be having classes again in the Fall :( ..I'm so so bummed...I did lose my Tastefully Simple demo status..Thank you to everyone who did order from me during that fun time :) ...The sketch I used was from Marie, A fellow DT member for Sunday Sketch & Stamp..Go check out the sketch and play :) ...I hope you have a great day!
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!


  1. I don't think it's funeralish at all. I happen to think it's quite pretty!
    and what a fantastic cake!
    I'll see if I can order a couple of things here soon..... I remember when I was losing my demo status because I was sick and it was horrible. hopefully it won't happen to you!

    have a great week!

  2. I think your card is lovely; not anything I would send as a sympathy card. Wow to the cake. I hope it tasted as good as it looks.

  3. i love the card!! wow the cake is incredible!!!

  4. Awesome cake!!! Card is awesome too!!