Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Template Wall :)

Hi Everyone!!! well I'm going to keep card #4 a secret till my morning class is over. I can't give away everything this month now can I :) ..so instead I'm going to show you what my sexy, wonderful husband made for me :) ..he built me a template holder ..he made it from two pieces of wood and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!! He's not done he needs to fill in the holes but I couldn't wait to show you! I can't wait to get into my sewing room and use it! it's so exciting I love you Timothy ..THANK YOU! for everything you do for me!!!!!! Now my goal is to figure out how to use 90% of those templates LOL! Have a awesome day..my last child is headed to high school Class of 2016! so we have the high school preview night tonight and I am so looking forward to it :) ..I know he is too :) see ya tomorrow
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!

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  1. Nice work Tim!!! Mandy you lucky woman, I'm so happy for you! Wow Cordell is going to HS, awesome for him but maybe not for you lol. Can't wait for Fri. Can i still go lol i didn't RSVP lol, I'm figured you knew lol.