Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Recycled Bird Seed Tote Bag

Hi Everyone!!! OK so I love all kinds of crafts, well I'm part of a quilt guild and every month there is a lady who shows up with these awesome recycled dog food bags..she puts her quilts in them and I'm always in awe of them and I asked her if she would teach a class, she said eventually and I left it at that but just a few days ago I have a empty bird seed and dog food bag and I thought ..HELLO! I'm a crafter why not try to see what the almighty Google shows you, so after looking at a few pictures I thought I'll just try it now and Waa Laa! I winged it and this is what I came up with! I am so surprised by what I made that I keep looking at it LOL! ..I will be making these for my mom, shes obsessive about taking her bags to the grocery store and what's better then these heavy duty bags..I can't wait to show her...I'm thinking of making my next bag a picture Tutorial post but I'm not sure if there's any interest...I will think about it :) anyways I had so much fun making this and can't wait to do another..Have a awesome day!
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!
P.S Tim said no he would not model it for me :) so I had to LOL!!!


  1. Wowzer!! great job Mandy!! Yes a picture tutorial will be great!!

  2. Happy to send up to 60 empty, used bird seed bags to anyone who'll make them into totes. Probably could sell them at farmers markets, flea markets, etc. Hoping to find someone who will share shipping costs. Interested? bdaviss@comcast.net.