Tuesday, March 13, 2012

For A Guy ;)

Hi Everyone!!! well this is #3 for card class on Friday...it's for a guy :) and it was made using the shaving cream technique..so much fun! and added bonus my room smells good!! it's a little bit more of a simple card because the technique takes a little bit of time to do but I can't wait to see what we all can come up with using whatever re-inkers they would like to use for there cards :)..everything is SU :)..I had a lot of requests for birthday cards that's why I have two ..one male and one female so far :) ..now I need to go work on card #4 so see ya tomorrow ..have an awesome day..BL is on tonight and can I just say..these people are so IMMATURE! especially anaConda! I would be ashamed if she was my mother or daughter..wow! :)
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!

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