Friday, March 30, 2012

Long Week But Rocks Loves Peanut Butter

Hi Everyone!!! O Boy it's been a long week!!!!! I will be the first to shout thank god it's Friday!! It's supposed to rain tomorrow yay! Cordell and I will be doing nothing!! (Tim works) ..OK I will be crafting because when I have crazy weeks I always miss my room :) ..I will for sure see ya tomorrow.. Tim loves giving the dogs almost empty containers of peanut butter :) I have so many pictures of all of our dogs tongues in the jars LOL! they love it! Rocks has a long tongue so it's funny to watch him dig into the PB ..have a great night! I will be headed to my first Bunco (is it game? night?) hmm IDK what to call it but I will be playing with a couple of friends..thank you again for the invite Laura..
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!

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