Friday, March 23, 2012

Something Different For Friday Funny

Hi Everyone!! it's been an interesting week and it's still not over ..My poor baby Rocks is at the vet for the day getting a "tune up" :) .. He's getting his ears cleared, his butt cleaned out, a lump off the back of his neck removed :) I am so worried about him..this sucks! I'm so stressed out, so I am going to drown my worries in Nachos at the movie theater.. 21 Jump Street is calling my name..I absolutely loved that show when I was younger :) ..today because I'm so worried about my baby I decided to show you some of my "pins" from Pinterest (love that site BTW) :).. My post published before I was ready darn it! LOL! anyways I will be back tomorrow..have an awesome day!!!
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!

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  1. Oh no poor Rocks! I hope he is better soon! He will be fine you'll see.