Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tim And I As Pilgrims ;)

Hi Everyone!!! OMG! I have been having such a blast appliqueing! (spell check says this is the way to spell this hmmm) .... I have done two wall hangings but they weren't very nice and I couldn't figure out why and I truly hate when things aren't perfect, so I asked my mom what I was doing wrong and she walked me through it and WA LA! I finally did one right! I do realize tho that my girl hat wasn't adhered down good enough so it moved :( ..that's why I have a wave in her hat...bummer! but heck I'm learning :) ..this is truly so much fun! you need to try it!! I am going to try next a Turkey place mat either today or tomorrow....O! with this table runner I still have to quilt it down and add binding but I couldn't wait to show you! OK FOOTBALL is still on so I have to go but have a great Sunday! 
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!!

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