Friday, October 5, 2012

Halloween Applique

Hi Everyone!!!! I will tell you that I am exhausted! man o man! I have a bone spur on my right foot and the doctor gave me some medicine called DayPro and the side effect is tiredness. So I've been trying to create but when I can't even think most of the time it's so hard. I signed up for a sewing class today and I did really well but I didn't get to finish my project but I had so much fun :) ..I like all the ladies that were with me I'm hoping that we can do a few sew days together soon. So anyways here's how far I got all I have to do is stitch all around the fabric, easy right? (Ya right) ....I'll try to get it done and show you the finished product :) ..I thought I would show you other bullies today (give you a break from my Rocks) ..these cuties are Pinned on my Pinterest Board ..who can't help but smile and want to take care of one after seeing them ..so darn cute :) ..I will be crafting ALL weekend! yay me!!! so I will see you..have a great Friday!!!
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!!

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