Friday, March 4, 2011

A Real Oldie :)

Hi Everyone!!!! Yay it's Friday!!!! Are you all going to see that Johnny Depp movie Rango??? I think we are tomorrow, should be cute but if not at least the nachos and popcorn will be worth it.. Just sayin...So I have a funny to tell you because I am losing my marbles, so yesterday as I'm waiting to pick up Cordell from school, there's these Mexican guys who sell things out of a cart and I haven't seen them in so long..I was so excited to see that the "chip" man was across the street, so I grab some dollars but I have a problem see I'm wearing a pair of pants that have a magnetic button snap, why I bought these stupid pants I have know idea.. well because I am fat and have a Costco muffin, they won't stay snapped, so I discreetly get out of my truck stick myself back in so no one can see me zip of the zipper and snap the button closed. this whole time Rocky is looking at me (because he's my Co-Pilot) and is giving me this look of what the heck are you doing so as I finish pulling up my pants I tell him "don't judge me" and shut the door in his face and then I realize what I said to him and starting snickering and of course my snap came UN-done yep I'm not that smart..I really think it's all this new medication I am on ..sheesh! The End :)
OK so this card I made this morning and I found this old set I have had for many years, thinking it was SU but just now realizing that it says D.O.T.S on the side of the stamps LOL!! Oops!!! ..well anyway the DSP is from SU (retired) ...I used stickles on the balloon..Have a great day everyone! I should see ya tomorrow..
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!!

P.S ..here's a Friday Funny for ya all...Bear Cub ..Likes to sleep on our step but with his head hanging over..when he first did it, it was freaky!! but now it's just to darn cute :)


  1. OOOHH! Bear looks so cute! I hope he's doing better and how's the poop duty thing going anything yet?? Can u give him a laxitive or something to induce vomit?? Just wondering!! Cute card by the way, praying for poor Bear!!!

  2. Bear is so funny, dosen't he get a headrush? LOL!! Don't worry Rocky would never judge you, you saved him after all!! Enjoy the movie, oh I like the card too!! Thanks for the laughs!! Have a great night!!