Friday, March 18, 2011

Only A Friday Funny 4 ya ..

Hi Everyone!!! Well I haven't been feeling well so I have no mojo right now..I hope to have a card for you tomorrow though..But I wanted to leave you with a Friday Funny!! I hope it brings a smile to your face (Disclaimer) Rocks was not hurt in taking of this picture hehe But I do feel he was judging me Shh!!!
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!!


  1. LOL!!! OMG!!! Rocks is too funny!!! I love him, he's so cuddly and stinky!!! I bet, no I KNOW he just loves his mommy for rescueing(SP)him! He's one lucky baby his mom is so worried he'll get sick!

  2. Oh poor baby, I can't believe he kept that on for you!!! Too funny!! Feel better soon!!! Have a great weekend!!

  3. That's hilarious! Made me LOL.
    Hugs and smiles