Friday, April 15, 2011

Sleeping and Challah Bread :)

Hi Everyone!!!! It's been a busy week, so I am sorry..No card :( ..I did hurry up and make this beautiful Challah Bread today!!! I'm so proud (sniff) :) ...Tomorrow I will be out of town but Sunday I promise to have a card...I wanted to show you my Friday Funny of Rocks...He fell asleep with his head inside my purse/bag..what a co-pilot :) sleeping on the job...Have a awesome weekend!!!!!
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!


  1. That Rocks he's a carachter!! MMMMHHH the bread looks good.

  2. I'm lovin these Friday funnies of Rocks, keep 'em coming!!! The bread looks so yummy, wana adopt me???? LOL!!