Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Fartsy Then Artsy

Hi Everyone!!! Well yesterday they turned the power off to our whole neighborhood! I forgot they were going to do that LOL!... but sign of the times..I'm wracking my brain trying to remember if I paid the bill..Then I remembered getting a notice that April 6Th power would be out from 9-6! what!! OMG!! do you want to know how much I rely on power!!! A lot!! I was so bored..I couldn't make a card because my sewing machine didn't work..I couldn't bake ..no power..I couldn't watch TV (missed Ellen)! grr!!!..I sure as heck am NOT an outside girl, so no weeding or gardening...(my whole idea of outside is Feeding The Turkeys and running back inside)....Stick me with a fork I'm done! ..So I went shopping :)
They finally gave me my power back ..insert.. (Evil Laugh)
So Chiy and I watched that new show Extreme Couponing and Holy Smokes that's a full time job!!! 5 hours in a grocery store! and hours cutting, organizing! No way!! OK so the only difference between a Hoarder and an Extreme Coupon person is that an extremer has there stuff organized! but come on your a hoarder when your whole house is full of groceries! who in the world needs 100 deodorants?? The only thing I didn't see in any of those houses is a grocery cart! Both disturbing...AND if I was to put about 50 packages of toilet paper under my kids bed I think when I was sleeping they would wrap me in it but I'm sure they would scent it with deodorant first..they do love me after all (I think).....Sheesh! to much..if you didn't watch the show WATCH IT!!! and of course after Extreme Couponing they show Hoarders Buried Alive hahaha! OK I'm done ranting..I tell ya I was so bored yesterday! so I'm making up for it :)
This card is weird...............I was playing around and this is what I came up with....I thought I would be different but Hmmmm...All the DSP is from SU..The image is called Extreme Guitar #115328...The sentiment is from Hostess set Something To Celebrate #121955..The silk ribbon is SU :)...Have a great day!!!!
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!


  1. Great card. and you are too funny. My hubby and I watched Extreme Couponing too and he said the same thing. Like where in the world would we stick that much toilet paper. Hubby said instead of buying new mattress, we could just pile on layers of "soft toilet paper roll". CRAZY! I have gotten some ideas from that show but could NEVER spend 5 hours in the grocery store or 8 hours cutting coupons. Anyway...thanks for making me lol.

  2. I love your post lol you always crack me up, cuz I know this is the real you!! LOL KWIM because sometines I'm reading your blog and I think hmmm did Mandy really write this blog LOL!!! Anyways, I'm always happy to read your blog and look at your creations!! See ya soon!

  3. You're So funny!! What a visual, picturing Chiy and Cordell wrapping you up in tp!! ROTFLMAO!! Love the card, it's extremely cool!! LOL!!!!! Have a great night!!