Sunday, August 31, 2014

October's 1st Card Class Card :) (Say that a few times fast) ;)

Hi Everyone!!! This card is so out of the box for me but after I was done I loved how it turned out! so my class will be making it in Oct. I also wanted to share the triplets since I haven't done that in awhile..if you follow them on Instagram than you will have already seen these pictures but don't they just make you smile..they make my day...love these guys! I also was asked about my hand tattoo, since you can see it in my YouTube videos but my hand is always moving so they asked to see a still picture..I love her so dang much!!! and I knew when she was cast as Maleficent that I wanted her on my body forever and ever LOL!! I got my wish :) ..It was done in March way before the movie came out but when I went to the first showing I absolutely LOVED THE MOVIE! and her even more :) ....So that's it for today..I'm off to sew :) have an awesome day!!!
 Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!

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