Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fishy.... :)

Hi Everyone!!! I have set for myself a goal and that is every Sunday is now my sew day! I have found that I have been PLing so much that I haven't been quilting since May and that is not good..I need to use my fabric and my sewing desk has a layer of dust..Umm oops! so maybe that says that my cleaning duties have also been absent LOL! ..Last week is when I decided and I did it! I went into my sewing room and had so much fun! I loved it! I set myself a goal to get in there by 12:00..so that leaves me the morning to PL a little or make a card..and truth be told, play on the internet :) ..I have exactly 30 mins before I will go in there...so maybe I should clean up my mess from making this card ..The sketch is from Sketch Saturday ..I loved how it came out..I want to buy season passes for the Monterey Bay Aquarium so I had that on the brain :) ..I joined a group on FB and it is called Project Life Bucket List Documented..you are supposed to make a bucket list for 20 little things you want to do in a years time and PL your adventures and those season passes are on my BL..hopefully I can get them in the next month or two :) .. I love PL just in case you didn't know that by now LOL! ..in fact my son turns 16 on the 24th of this month and I have already PLed to his 6th birthday..I'm going to stop there and start on my daughter's, she's 21 but turns 22 in Dec so it will be fun to start hers too :) (sheesh, I'm just gabbing away aren't I) anyways I don't want to get burned out so I have done a bunch of different albums right now and having such a BLAST doing them..to see people at my son's birthday party and saying ..wow, I didn't know I was friends with these people has been quite fun LOL!!!! OK, enough chit chat..have a great day!!!!!
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!!


  1. Beautiful card, Mandy! Thanks for joining us for Sketch Saturday this week!

  2. Fab card, love the big fish! Thanks for playing along with Sketch Saturday this week, Niki xx