Monday, May 13, 2013

Inspiration And A Funny Share + Tiny Blog Candy

Hi Everyone!!!!! Happy belated Mother's Day!!!!! I had a great day but wanted to share my Mother's day card because my son is so oblivious that you can't help but laugh..he wasn't trying to be funny he just doesn't think about things LOL! and my daughter gosh darn she's a sweetheart ..all of her cards that she gives to me have a heartfelt message inside that it melts my heart :) ..I love them both with all my heart and couldn't ask for better kids..So my card was the inspiration today..I loved the color combo so much! simple but cheery! ..so I have this ribbon and buttons up for grabs ..all you have to do is tell me if your a quilter or a card maker or both :) ..easy peasy I'll pick the winner on Wed ..U.S.A only please :)
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!


  1. well I most certainly hope you did have a wonderful Valentine's Day. tee hee! that is so funny!

    I am a card maker only because I can't sew worth beans. I would love to make quilts since I think they are gorgeous. but can't sew straight to save my life... and my sewing machine truly hates me. so I stick to cards! ;)

    love your card, too! so happy!

  2. card-maker! im trying to get up to ur level cuz i love ur cards & classes!! =). i hope u had a great mother's day!!