Friday, November 2, 2012

Schneider X-Mas Skirt and a Baby Quilt + Rocks :)

Hi Everyone!!!! I can say that I promise to have a card tomorrow :) ..I just came back from picking up my quilts from the quilter and wow she did a phenomenal job! I did close up shots of her quilting designs. Can you see the two Dino's so cute! My daughter's best friend is having a baby boy, so Chiy is giving her the quilt at the baby shower next weekend.  Every year we have a Schneider Christmas with just my hubby's family. So this year I made a special tree skirt. The flower that the quilter did was awesome..Love it! ..All I need to do is bind both of them. I hope you all have a great Friday! Rocks loves his toys and he loves to sleep LOL! :) 
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!

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