Friday, November 30, 2012

My Life Now ;)

Hi Everyone!!! I will have a card tomorrow..but I had to show you my Friday Funny (on Friday) LOL! well since we have triplets now and they ALL like to sleep on the bed, our sleeping arrangement's are super fun! ...and by super fun I mean I have to be really fast to get my blankets on me. I have to be super fast to get in a position I find comfortable. I have to be super fast to make sure Rocks gets first dibs on which part of the bed he wants to sleep on. I wake up during the night and wonder why my back, side and arms are hurting PLUS I need to UN-stick my cheek from the wood on the side of the KING size bed! .. because while I'm asleep I guess I think about there comfort first and end up sleeping like the letter M.....after I UN-kink myself I end up moving at least two of them and ya know what? they snore even louder but never open there eyes! the top picture was taken at about 4:30am and that lump is Tim (facing away from gassy bulldog butts) (smart man even while asleep) ...second picture is from this morning both Kat and Bones ended up sleeping head to head...so darn cute! So this is my life now  Bulldog mania and I love every second of it :) ....have a great night!!!!
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!

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