Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fun!!! Another Owl Applique

Hi Everyone!!! I finished this wall hanging yesterday and I LOVE IT!! I am a sucker for cutesy owls and cupcakes (I can't get enough of them) ..if you click on the picture you can see that I have gotten so much better with my stitching..but not little pieces yet, the feet and beak need way more improvement :) ..I'm in love with this new craft (for me) and I am going to make myself a dog lovers applique quilt next..can't wait! :) ..the only problem that I am running into is that I am tearing into all my fat quarters, so time to shop?? yep I think so ..teehee.. I haven't decided if I'm keeping this or giving it away :) ..have a great  FOOTBALL Sunday!!
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!

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