Saturday, September 15, 2012

Picture Heavy Of Rocks and A Wreath :)

Hi Everyone!!! I am so sorry!!!! this week was so chaotic!! ugh! I'm a housewife who was never home last week..hate that! :) ..Every time I can't get into my craft room I turn into Michael Jackson in the Thriller video.. the twitching! the I'm a zombie coming after you! yep the whole sha bang! and today I was able to visit with my mom and start my Christmas gifts, very productive day..to bad I have gained about ten pounds after leaving there house :) ..but O it was so worth it! ;) ...we also went shopping at a local quilt show ..yay! I got some new goodies whoo hoo! and one thing that I bought was this new Spool pattern that I have been wanting to order FOREVER and now it's in my really dark hands (remember my mom lives in the Valley) so it was 102 degrees I'm cooked ..not Dorito cooked but a dark chocolate pie cooked :) ..so I'm yummy (just take my word for it) teehee!!! anyways because I didn't have time to craft this week I took about 1,001 pictures of Rocks with his new toy that was Eewok's but hey when your a dominant Bully you snooze you lose..because I care about who reads my blog I only posted 8, so maybe the other 993 pictures I will post at a later date ;) I hope you have a great weekend...tomorrow is FOOTBALL! whoo hoo!!! I love Fall/Winter!! Cold weather and FOOTBALL!!
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!

P.S Sorry I made this tulle wreath tonight for my front door, an Ipad has no flash so the picture is cruddy but it's Fall colors. Orange, brown and green. The FOOTBALL is a little rubber one I found at the $1.00 store, Rocks wants it really bad but since I'm the dominant female he didn't get it :)

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