Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Softball...Plus A Cupcake and Coffee

Hi Everyone!!! OMG! I joined a softball team and last night was our first game and wow! I had such a good time!! who knew that it would be that much fun! :) I've never played on a team in my life so when I was up to bat I was shaking LOL! I did hit the ball the 3 times I was up, so that was pretty cool....so today I wanted to go back into my "me" mode and make a card..I used the sketch from Mojo Monday..I wanted something simple but fun and since I got an email this morning saying that all Riley stamps are 50% off till next week I thought heck I will use what I have. Coffee and a cupcake for breakfast HECK YES! that's my kind of moose ..So I will be blogging all week because I am stoked to try the new stamp set and DP that I got and haven't even taken out of the packages, so I am off to remedy that right now....On a side note what's up with the refs for the NFL wow talk about inept ..my poor Packers :( ...what a stupid call! I love Clay Matthews! he's my guy :) ...see ya tomorrow 
Thank You!!! Come Again!!!

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