Thursday, November 3, 2011

Christmas..Twister and A Story About Boobs ;)

Hi Everyone!!! OK so STORY-TIME!! So a couple of weeks ago I was told by two people how they see me "walk" with my friend..Ummm WHAT! It has taken me MONTHS to be able to jog/run 3 1/2 miles without stopping, so I take great offense to this :) ..let me tell you when you see a WOMAN who has more then a handful of breasts then you will understand that when a woman WALKS her breasts swing from side to side (like the commercial with the little birds swaying back and forth having a good time) :) that's walking!!! ...when a woman's boobs are going up and down (think of singing the song, mama gonna knock you out) that's jogging/running, so my boobs are constantly SINGING THE SONG! so get it people, that would mean I'M JOGGING/RUNNING NOT WALKING!!!!! ...OK I feel better... :) :) :) LOL!!!!!!! My rant for the day is over...moving on :) ..this card was made using DSP called Letters To Santa #122349 and the pretty glitter brads are Glimmer Brads brights #121006..the flowers are from Prima ..the sentiment is from the set Warmest Of Wishes #122672... I also made the Twister table topper last night and OMG! I had such a good time making it..I wish I could teach it..very fun! I hope you have a great Thursday! I'll see you with a Friday Funny!
Thank You!!!! Come Again!!!!!

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